Charge the battery but keep the Touch on while doing so.

Since winning an iPod Touch in a contest a few months back, it has been one gadget I couldn’t live without. Ok, if it was an iPhone, I’d be even happier, but by Jailbreaking version 1.1.2, I did get a few of the missing features the Touch should have had-like mail, weather etc.DELL Inspiron 9200 adapter DELL Inspiron 9300 adapter (If anyone knows of a safe way to Jailbreak 1.1.3, let me know-there seems to be controversy over how well it works, not to mention Steve Jobs’ announcement of charging people $19.99 for upgraded features back in January). Other than my complaint on the lack of features, the major issue has been battery life. Through trial and error, I determined how to conserve battery life-which most would think, “wait until the battery has drained and charge fully, or keep it turned off when not in use.” Wrong. Sure, this works with cell phones, but the Touch is a little different.

One day I turned the Touch on, after not using it for approximately 3 days, and found the battery was in the red. I had charged it 3 days prior, while syncing a few email addresses and songs. I promptly plugged the USB cable into the port, left it alone for 8 hours,HP Pavilion DV1000 Battery(hp dv1000 battery), HP PF723A Battery, HP 367759-001 Battery, HP PM579A Battery, HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery(hp dv4000 battery) , and sure enough, fully charged. I listened to a few songs, turned if off and the next day turned it on again. The battery was below half-life. What was causing this? Some USB ports are not powerful enough to handle the charge power the Touch needs, but I knew this wasn’t the case for me. (I do recommend buying a dock if you can-this is on my list of things to buy when I get money-it would be so much easier-be forewarned though, the Touch may need a special doo-hickey-yes a technical term, to fit in some docks because of size differences). This is what I did in order to save battery life-in fact it has lasted 5 days with the battery indicator barely moving.

1. Turn off Wi-Fi. Unless you’re using the email app, or downloading songs from iTunes, the Wi-Fi feature will drain the battery faster. Even though my router is in the same room, the little Touch has to work extra hard for some reason to keep the wireless signal.

2. Charge the battery but keep the Touch on while doing so. When I had charged the battery in the past, I would turn it off, which is what most do- don’t. Trust me on this.

3. Once the battery is fully charged, go to Settings > General > Auto-lock and set it for no more than 3 minutes. I have mine set at 2 minutes.DELL Inspiron 9400 adapter HP Pavilion DV6700 adapter HP Pavilion Dv9000 adapter, Auto-lock is like sleep mode on a PC-it conserves battery life without turning the device off.


Chinese enterprises can not be taken lightly

This took place thousands of miles outside of the more patent disputes conflagration burned more prosperous, Chinese enterprises will not be bring disaster to do? DELL Inspiron 6000 adapter DELL Inspiron 600m adapter Power Co., Ltd., general manager of Beijing University first end of the Sui Hai told reporters: "University of Texas, currently applied for the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain, France, and Canada States patent protection within the framework of Chinese enterprises in their own R & D, production and sales of Lithium iron phosphate batteries are legitimate, the Chinese short-term market will not be affected. As the University of Texas patent ownership in Europe, the overthrow of the current relevant Chinese exports are safe in Europe, but exports of the United States there is a risk. "

Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Wu Zhixin, general manager, said: "Now the developed countries to iron phosphate lithium battery patent dispute played a terrible fix, short time to pay attention to other countries. Costly patent litigation, but also have a certain period of patent protection. The United States, Canada and other countries patent dispute is not resolved within a short time, other areas are benefiting. " DELL Inspiron 630m adapter DELL Inspiron 6400 adapter Having said that, but it will remind the Chinese enterprises must not be taken lightly. Once the outcome of patent litigation, Chinese enterprises are a headache. It is understood that only the Tsinghua University, China's Nuclear and New Energy Technology Research Institute and a few other research institutions have a number of lithium iron phosphate technology patents. China has a lot of battery manufacturers and materials suppliers to master technology and lithium iron phosphate processing technology, but there is no international patents. Sha Yong Kang pointed out that if the University of Texas won in patent litigation, it will jointly authorized the company to continue within the framework of a global patent litigation, sooner or later to China. If the high Bo and other companies to win, they may also join together to form a "patent pool" (a member from the patent trading platform patent licensing, license fees by the patentee decisions), forcing other companies do not get patents to pay high royalties. If no positive action to take effective measures to protect themselves, China's lithium iron phosphate batteries and even the electric car industry is likely to be controlled by others.

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