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for lithium-ion battery, a standard system of testing and certification to ensure its safe use

Recently, 36 journalists from the National University of Science and Technology set up a network of colleges and universities in China was informed that from Tsinghua University and other units from the experts last few years, proven by the repeated "level of lead-acid battery recovery technology" has entered the promotion stage of industrialization. Experts believe that, Toshiba Laptop Battery with the further promotion of the technology is expected to fundamentally the management of used batteries environment.

In all types of batteries, lead-acid batteries the largest share, Toshiba Laptop Battery according to statistics, about the secondary battery market, according to the 75%. Lead-acid batteries are widely used in automotive, communications, finance, electricity, railways, computers, switchboard, radio and television, forklifts, battery car, aviation, marine, military, mining,  HP KS524AA battery   HP Pavilion dv2000 battery emergency lights, electric vehicles as well as other trades. "Lead-acid battery recovery technology" can be used on all types of lead-acid batteries (including domestic and imported) to recover the activation processing, especially for communications, finance, electric power industries fixed battery pack has been detected through the Ministry of Information Industry. At present, the technology has been in Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other areas of the telecommunications sector, Shandong and other regions of the UPS manufacturers,Toshiba PA3250U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3356U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3506U-1BRS Battery, Gansu and other regions of the power system to carry out many experiments and trial-related products industry has been production.

Existing lead-acid batteries of various products, whether domestic or imported,Toshiba PA3250U-1BRS Battery, there is such a worldwide problem: the use of period usually have a charge on the difficulties,Toshiba PA3084U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3399U-1BRS Battery, Toshiba PA3395U-1BRS Battery, the capacity of lower self-discharge and even lead to a serious end-of-life failure, can not be used. The reason why lead-acid batteries have the above problems, and ultimately can be attributed to the repeated charging and discharging of the electrochemical reaction of "curing irreversible", when the accumulation of this phenomenon to a certain extent, this would lead to the loss of activity of the battery plate and can not be used . And "Super recovery of lead-acid battery technology" by measuring the battery state, into a dedicated activator, a reasonable standard set by means of charge-discharge, will change the composition and the nature of dielectric, ion channels open, and fully release and intensification of the original active substance, its recovery and have the electrochemical capacity of more. After recovery of the lead-acid batteries renewable, it will completely eradicate the "curing irreversible." HP HSTNN-IB31 battery   HP HSTNN-IB32 battery   HP HSTNN-OB31 battery  Shanghai Taiwan's first IC Card Electric Vehicle Charging Station has been put into use

Shanghai, the first domestic built to meet all kinds of battery charging station for recharging electric vehicles. dell TD347 battery Reporters in an interview, just to catch up with construction vehicles on this charge. The owner told reporters that they have become accustomed to the credit card spending, charging just another one to use live with a little card, and all you can operate by touch interface.
Owners in the field demonstration. The IC card insertion slot, the information interface displays the current IC card number and the remaining capacity. Click "Next" button to enter the wait for a connection interface. The owner then set off the door cover charge, the charge plug socket, and ensure a reliable connection plug inside the countdown. Successful connection, the display automatically "recharge time to choose" interface, there is "instant charge", "reservation charge" models to choose from. dell Inspiron 1000 battery

In the "reservation charge" model, the owners through "increasing", "minus" button to set the charging time of appointment (the smallest unit of half an hour). Later, enter "charging mode select" interface, the owner can choose "automatic full", "set time" and "will power" three kinds of modes. Click the appropriate mode button, enter the appropriate settings interface, owners can carry out their own time (the smallest unit of half an hour) or power (the smallest unit of 0.5 degrees) settings.  HP HSTNN-IB73 battery   HP HSTNN-W49C battery  This reporter saw the project owners to choose the model of the 13 o'clock start, the car is fully charged. This is also the most current charging mode of dell Inspiron 2200 battery government vehicles. It is understood that this is the purpose of promoting grid peak load shifting. In addition, due to charge the price system has not yet introduced, the Government of the IC card electric car owners are "special", that card to charge pile, even though the information display interface will follow as above, but will not charge pile deducting money from the IC card.

Third-party testing organization for the safety of lithium-ion battery performance testing of the mission a long way

In summary, the firm implementation of the battery safety standards and third-party testing organization to judge the impartiality of strict risk aversion can be effective right choice.

To effectively ensure the safety of lithium-ion battery performance, troubleshoot unqualified products to avoid the unsafe incidents, third party inspection agency will rely on the strong Keyan technical strength, with the industry-leading technology and testing 服务 网络 globalization, an independent and impartial professionalism, professional scientific rigor, and constantly improve the service system for battery manufacturers to provide comprehensive high quality testing services.  HP G50 battery   HP G60 battery   

Finally, for lithium-ion battery, a standard system of testing and certification to ensure its safe use and transport of the effective barrier. In the near future, I believe the battery manufacturers, users and third-party testing organizations multi-party efforts of common interest and can be battery security risk to a minimum.

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the fuel cell power plant construction and low cost

Two are flexible. Fuel cell power generation device is composed of a number of basic units.Sony PCGA-BP4V Battery, May be required depending on the flexibility to assemble a different scale fuel cell power plant. The basic unit of fuel cell design standards can carry out large-scale pre-production, so the fuel cell power plant construction and low cost, short construction cycle. In addition, fuel cells because of light weight, small size, high specific power, Apple PowerBook G3 Battery,relatively easy to move up, so it is particularly suitable in the islands or in remote areas on the construction of power stations , or build a distributed power plant.

Three are a variety of fuels. Although fuel cells are hydrogen main job substances, but it has the available fuel gas, methanol, liquefied petroleum gas and other hydrocarbons.

Four are non-polluting. The main product of fuel cells are water, essentially non-emission of harmful gases, Acer Battery Dell Battery, It is reported that a number of fuel cell gas emissions of the harmful environmental protection standards for the United States by two orders of magnitude lower. In addition, stationary fuel cells are power generation, Apple PowerBook G4 Battery,has no mechanical transmission device, only in the control system and other auxiliary devices have moving parts , thus the work of a small vibration, low noise.

Liu: put a fuel cell are stored in the fuel and oxidizer in the chemical energy, such as temperature according to the principle of electrochemical energy into electrical energy conversion devices. ,It's different from the conventional battery is: when it works continuously to the battery required the importation of fuel and oxidizer in through the electrochemical reaction to generate water and release electrical energy.ASUS Eee PC Battery Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery  HP EliteBook 6930p Battery, As long as the fuel supply to maintain battery power will continue to work.

Domestic high-power lithium-ion battery safety testing limitations

High-power lithium-ion battery research, started in 1995, mainly used in electric vehicles,ThinkPad T41 space and practicality of storage batteries are failing. China's large demand for lithium-ion batteries are rapidly increasing domestic and international transport has become more frequent battery.

IATA for air transport of the lithium corresponding provisions: to require all lithium batteries transported by aircraft must be UN38.3 testing. China Cargo Airlines Ltd. in early 2006 issued a "regulation on the operation of lithium transport." China Civil Aviation Administration Flight Standards Division also introduced in July 2006, "Air cargo transportation guidance for accreditation bodies," defined on the lithium test the implementation of third-party testing organization rules.  Compaq Presario CQ40 battery   Compaq Presario CQ60 battery   Compaq Presario CQ61 battery

With the emergence of high-power lithium battery, and domestic large-scale battery testing equipment with the appropriate laboratory was very scarce. There no way to UN38.3 resulting test a large number of large-scale lithium battery manufacturers could do nothing but turn sea to land transport.

Nepal PONY spectrum test group in 2007 that passed the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, "Li-ion battery detection (UN38.3 test)" qualified site assessment, and is the only one 3 to Laboratory (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen) were obtained Civil Aviation Administration of "lithium test (UN38.3 test)" conditions of carriage of goods authorized by a qualified appraisal organization. Nigeria in particular, PONY spectrum test group have more than 100V power battery can be detected large battery laboratory, to become China's first large-scale power battery can be detected in specialized laboratories, the international transport of large lithium batteries provide the most effective security and technical support.Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery  Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery   Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery 


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Sharp to expand production capacity of solar cells

6. Take a long time to place the battery must be fully charged before the general added one per month
7. Vehicles started uphill, overloading, when against the wind to help with the foot in order to avoid large current discharge
8. Charging to use a dedicated charger, put it in cool and ventilated place, avoid heat and humidity
9. Do not use organic solvents, cleaning the battery case
10. Do not short-circuit the battery positive and negative extreme, dangerous
11. Banned discharge: When the instrument panel red LED voltage display lights when the power to enter starvation areas that should prompt charge
12. Banned charge: Charging time length should be based on mileage is different, longer distance, charging time is long, otherwise short.

Recently from the State General Administration of Quality Supervision,Sony laptop battery Inspection and Quarantine that communications products as an important cell phone accessories,Sony laptop battery quality has improved significantly.

According to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine personnel, the distribution of a sample of this in Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang and Shandong six provinces and municipalities, 30 of the 30 kinds of business products, 

toshiba PA3467U-1ACA Adapter toshiba PA3468U-1ACA Adapter

been a number of sample enterprises accounted for about 30% of manufacturing enterprises. Checks the results of 25 kinds of products qualified, product sample pass rate of 83.3%.

The samples exposed in the cell phone battery products that failed the quality of the project is:Sony PCG-V505 Battery, Sony PCG-Z505 Battery low-temperature performance of clearance, however, less than the rated capacity.

The other hot ibm batteries:

Sharp to expand production capacity of solar cells

Sharp in Nara Prefecture Hsinchuang additional solar cell factory production line, Sony PCG-Z505 Battery so to achieve an annual production capacity of 248MW, over 200MW to enhance the original 24%. This is a solar cell at home and abroad in order to meet the increased demand. Additional production lines running from the beginning of November, the investment in full and about 35 billion yen.

Laptop battery are handed out to foster-care residents between the ages of 17 and 22 and to juveniles between 16 and 19 who are on probation for committing crimes. The nonprofit has given out 72 computers since 2008 and plans to give 60 more starting in Acer AC Adapters compaq AC Adapters July. HP 342661-001 Battery A beneficiary is chosen based on high-school grades and recommendation letters.

One teenager named Devin used the laptop DELL STUDIO 1435 Battery HP PP2182D Battery, HP 338794-001 Battery, HP PP2182L Battery, HP 345027-001 Battery, HP 342661-001 Battery,, as a tool to get away from a miserable life of drug and gang-related activity. His criminal activities landed him in juvenile hall, but he is now a student majoring in business at the Mississippi Valley State University.

The result? Piles of old tech gear gathering dust in basements and garages until somebody in the household just gives up and drags it all to the local AC Adapters hp AC Adapters toshiba AC Adapters 

Back in December 2007, Preston Gralla’s “Out with the old: What to do with your unwanted tech gear” detailed various ways to sell, donate and recycle gadgets and computing equipment Dreambox 500s, including several online services. Since he wrote that piece, even more options have become available for tech owners who want to get rid of their older devices in a convenient, environmentally friendly and, if possible, financially advantageous way.

Each student was creating a report on one of the U.S. states. Via the netbooks Dell Precision M65 Batteries‘ integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi radio, they linked to a wireless LAN to access the Internet, surfing for statistics and other data, photographs, and even audio files of, for example, state birds chirping. They pulled all this into Microsoft Publish to create multimedia reports, which were then posted to their personal sites on the school’s SharePoint server, where each report could be viewed by teachers.

5. To start the car, the uninterrupted use of the opportunity to lead to start the battery damage due to excessive discharge. The correct approach is to use the time length of each launch vehicle no more than 5 seconds, re-start intervals of not less than 15 seconds. Not the car start in many cases from the circuit, the ignition coil or asphalt, and other areas to find a cause.
6. The daily traffic should always check whether the battery cover the ventilation holes. If the battery cover holes blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen row is not out of the electrolyte expands, will the battery case bursting at the seams, affecting battery life. 

dell Inspiron 1100 Adapter hp Business Notebook nc4200 adapter

7. Check the battery's positive and negative level with or without signs of oxidation. Can use hot water often poured battery wire connection.
8. Check whether the different parts of the circuit where aging or short circuit. Prevent the battery from excessive discharge and early retirement due.
Electric vehicle batteries --- maintenance, maintenance chapter 1. Electric storage battery against loss if the idle days spent re-charging plate prone sulfate, PA3285U-1BRS capacity decreased.
2. Regular inspections: regular measurement of single cell voltage, if one has a battery voltage lower than 10.5V, and you should find repair station inspection or repair, to avoid damage to the other two good batteries
3. Electric bicycle design load is 75KG, with heavy objects to avoid, in the initial and upgrade assistance, please use the pedal
4. Winter temperatures reduce battery capacity with the decline is a normal phenomenon, with 20 ℃ as the standard, general -10 ℃ to 80% when the volume
5. Maintain the cell surface of long-term clean, store vehicles against exposure, vehicles should be parked in a cool, ventilated and dry place 

hp Business Notebook NX9600 adapter sony PCGA-AC19V7 adapter


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One of the following conditions should be battery charged

The possibility of breaking the law will require Ghosh and Stan to solve a scientifically controversial--and theoretical--conundrum known as Apple A1079 Battery, Apple A1078 Battery, Apple A1148 Battery, Apple M6091 Battery "Maxwell's Demon."

Introduced by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1871,Apple M6091 Battery the concept theorizes that the energy flow from hot to cold could be disrupted if there were a way to control the transfer of energy between two units.HP 346970-001 Battery, HP HSTNN-DB02 Battery, HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery Maxwell's Demon would allow one component to take the heat while the other worked at a lower temperature.

This could be accomplished only if the degree of natural disorder, or entropy, were reduced. And that's the "demon" in Maxwell's Demon. "Device engineering is typically based on operating near thermal equilibrium," Ghosh said. HP Pavilion DV6700 adapter HP Pavilion Dv9000 adapter

But, he added, nature has examples of biological cells that operate outside thermal equilibrium.

The practical and economic answer is to use lead-acid Dell Inspiron 1100 Series batteries for the bulk of vehicle electrification, nickel metal hydride batteries for longer range and power in a hybrid configuration, and lithium-ion for high performance or where price is not an object.

I have come to this conclusion through reasoning based on experimentally derived numbers, because as the philosopher said reasoning based on any other basis is sophistry and illusion.

It appears that if a laptop user directs the “power management,”HP HSTNN-LB31 Battery, HP EV088AA Battery, HP 417066-001 Battery HP F4486B Battery, HP F4486A Battery found under an icon in the control panel, to a conservative setting, he can “limit the operation of the highest energy-consuming functions” of the computer and get more time out of the laptop battery. Of course, “operation of the computer will slow down.”

Lithium-ion batteries represent a leapfrog over the nickel-metal-hydride batteries in the Toyota Prius. By investing $1 billion in lithium technology, Mr. Wagoner created the best opportunity for America to win a piece of a huge new “green” industry now dominated by non-American companies.

“We originally thought Netbooks would be for emerging markets and younger kids, and there is some of that. HP F4486A Battery It turns out the bulk of the Netbooks sold today are in Western Europe, North America, and for people who just want to grab and go with a notebook,” Pann said.HP Pavilion ZV6000 adapter HP Pavilion DV6000 adapterAnd Pann added: “If you’ve ever used a Netbook and used a 10-inch screen size–it’s fine for an hour. It’s not something you’re going to use day in and day out.”


Brand batteries are safeguarded.
Battery charging
One of the following conditions should be charged: the proportion of the electrolyte to 1.2 below; winter discharge more than 25%; summer discharge more than 50%; lights dim; start weak.
Some owners believe that fast charging can save time, only 3-5 hours. Is not true, but quickly put the battery fast charging the surface of activated, but actually the internal battery is not fully charged.  toshiba Tecra S4 Battery

Apart from fast charging, there is a slower charging, charging time is 10-15 hours of deep losses that must be slow battery charging, or charging time is not enough, insufficient charge, will directly affect the car's driving performance. Although the charge is a fairly simple operation, but there are some considerations: 1. To lead-acid battery, you should wear protective clothing. 2. Charging, the battery near a spark can not ban smoking. 3. On one or more batteries in parallel charging, the charger voltage should not exceed 16V.
The battery in use and maintenance of a number of issues need attention:
1. Batteries do not long, it will slowly self discharge, PA3191U-1BRS until retirement. Therefore, the intervals should start a car, a battery recharge. Another option is to pull the battery down on the two electrodes, must be noted that disconnect from the column electrodes of positive and negative two electrode lines, first disconnect the negative cable, or remove the negative and chassis connections. And then pulling with the positive sign (+) of the other side of the battery have a certain service life, to a certain time to be replaced. The replacement should follow the same order, but in the electrode line Jieshang Qu, the order is just the opposite, first and then positive, then were followed by negative. toshiba Tecra S3 Battery 2. When the ammeter pointer shows charge capacity is insufficient to recharge it in time. Battery charge capacity is reflected in the dashboard. Sometimes found in road capacity are not enough, then turn off the engine will not start, as an interim measure that can help to other vehicles, using their batteries for the vehicle to launch vehicle, and the two batteries connected to the negative and the anode, cathode and cathode connected .
3. Electrolyte density should be in accordance with different regions and different seasons in accordance with standards adjusted accordingly.
4. Electrolyte losses should be added in distilled water or special rehydration. Never use pure water instead of drinking. Because the pure water contains many trace elements, adverse effects on the battery.

Lithium batteries come in two forms. The lithium metal batteries are single-use and the lithium-ion can be recharged. Both store energy that generates intense heat in the event of a short circuit, if metal touches both terminals or if internal seals fail.

In many cases, low-cost or counterfeit batteries lack safeguards against short circuits. Apple M8244 Battery,HP HSTNN-DB02 Battery, More than 4 million lithium batteries of all sorts have been recalled in recent years.

Bulk shipments of lithium metal batteries were banned on passenger flights in 2004,toshiba Tecra M7 Battery  toshiba Tecra -M9 Battery  , in part because fires in those batteries are especially hard to extinguish.

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present cells technology is severely limited by natural resource availability.

Fuel cells don’t work either because present technology is severely limited by natural resource availability.DELL XPS M140 adapter

Regardless, should lithium-ion Dell Latitude D531N batteriesprove to be the next generation powerhouse for the automotive industry,HP F4486B Battery, demand could skyrocket. It that happens, there will likely be an explosion of lithium oriented exploration companies that will make fortunes for early stage investors before the inevitable market over-saturation forces many out of business.

12 lead-acid battery products are the following, its use is as follows:
Starter type battery: mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, tractor, diesel engine starting and lighting;
Fixed-type batteries: mainly used for communication, power plants, computer systems for protection, automatic backup power supply; DELL Latitude d830 adapter DELL PA-10 adapter Traction battery: PA3331U-1BRS mainly used for a variety of battery vehicles, forklifts, forklift and other power supply;
Railway Battery: mainly used in diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars starting, lighting power;
Energy Storage Battery: mainly used for wind power, solar power electricity energy storage;
Lead-acid battery products are the following, which uses the following distribution
Starter type battery: mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, tractor, diesel engine starting and lighting;
Fixed battery: mainly used for communication, power plants, computer systems as protection, automatic backup power supply;
Traction-type batteries: primary batteries for all kinds of cars, trucks, forklifts and other power supply;
Railway Battery: mainly used in diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars starting, lighting power;
Energy Storage Battery: mainly used for wind power, solar power electricity energy storage;
Batteries - the main ingredient
Constitute the major components of lead-acid batteries are as follows: Anode (lead peroxide. PbO2 )---> cathode active material (sponge lead. Pb) ---> active substances electrolyte (sulfuric acid) ---> sulfuric acid ( H2SO4) + water (H2O) battery shell separators other (liquid port plug. lid, etc.)
Car battery maintenance
Many owners think that the battery is a very simple thing, usually too little attention to maintenance, the daily use of the car in fact, the PA3166U-1BRS battery is also considered as one of the most important part, everything has to be. ASUS Eee PC Battery Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery
Battery for daily use should pay attention to it? Evergreen reporter interviewed a battery specially Deputy General Manager Zhou Yongjian and Guangzhou City Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Jingxiong male students. Zhou Yongjian said, batteries are batteries and traction batteries start points, and start the battery, it also includes maintenance-free battery and the "water" cell. The car is concerned, are commonly used in start batteries, because it allows car storage, then instantly release, So start with good quality batteries, car boot faster.

Under a new rule that took effect yesterday, Hp laptop battery Apple Laptop Battery passengers can no longer pack loose lithium batteries in checked luggage on aircraft.

There have been at least nine fires involving lithium batteries on airplanes or in cargo destined for planes since 2005,Apple A1012 Battery,HP 346970-001 Battery, HP HSTNN-DB02 Battery, HP HSTNN-UB02 Battery Apple M8511 Battery, Apple M8244 Battery, federal safety records indicate.

Passengers are still allowed to carry the batteries in checked baggage if they are installed in electronic devices, or in carry-on baggage if stored in plastic bags.

Common consumer electronics such as travel cameras, cell phones, and most laptop computers are still allowed in carry-on and checked luggage.ACER Battery

But the rule limits travelers to bringing only two extended-life spare rechargeable lithium batteries, such as laptop and professional audio/video/camera equipment lithium batteries in carry-on baggage.

“Doing something as simple as keeping a spare battery in its original retail packaging or a plastic zip-lock bag will prevent unintentional short-circuiting and fires,” Apple A1012 Battery, said Krista Edwards, Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.Dell Battery Series of fires
Lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials because they can overheat and ignite in certain conditions,Apple A1012 Battery,HP 346970-001 Battery, Apple M8511 Battery, Apple M8244 Battery, and there has been a series of fires and meltdowns involving laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices in recent years.

A report on lithium supply and demand trends by Madison Avenue Research says”, The problem with predicting the demand for the future use of lithium in transportation as a preferred medium of energy storage is that no one actually knows just how enthusiastic the trend will be. It could be, and should be, argued that miners, geologists, suppliers, and technologists should not make such predictions; their assumptions are guesses that are limited in understanding of the fact that this is a cultural phenomena. What is not necessarily factored into the assumptions is that there will not only be a “demand” but rather a “cultural push” that will for ever change the future of transportation as we know it.
It is time to put a limit on the the manpower and money that has been used to try and find a practical solution to the electrification of cars by onboard rechargeable laptop batteries. toshiba portege m300 Battery toshiba Portege M500 Battery  toshiba Portege S100 Battery

Demand for lithium-ion batteries in the consumer products sector has contracted about 80 percent with the economic collapse, according to Moli Energy of Canada, a manufacturer of lithium-ion Dell Latitude D531 batteries who just laid off 220 employees and ceased production. Moli was making batteries for consumer products. 

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The battery passed above the CE certification.

In the EU market, "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU production of the products, or products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, is necessary to add "CE" mark to indicate that the product line with the EU "technical coordination and standardization of new vgn-t2xp/s Sony Battery  PCGA-BP2V Sony Battery methods," the basic requirements of instruction. This is a proposed EU law on the products a mandatory requirement. EU member states must be based certification bodies can issue certificates.
3, the other (environmental class certification)
Summary: In the notebook certification options above, if behind the CE certification, then may wish to give priority, after all, the European electronic product testing stringent than the Chinese high number of (personal view),Sony VGN-C2S Ac Adapter, Sony VGN-CR Ac Adapter, Sony VGN-CR11Z Ac Adapter, Sony VGN-E Ac Adapter, Sony VGN-FE Ac Adapter, of course, if not, CCC certification is required.

The battery passed above the CE certification.

The following summary:ASUS Eee PC Battery Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery  HP EliteBook 6930p Battery
1, users can ignore the rich paper, direct buy original batteries, this post is just to remind those who think that the original batteries are prohibitively expensive friend, in fact, I also feel that way, so buy, they bought their eyes open Why not cheap.
2, the premise of the product is not fake, as long as attention to good notebook batteries, Sony VGN-FE Ac Adapter, as well as product safety certification that two important factors, then can still scouring the price from the market are low, quality products and good laptop battery .
3, at 2 under the premise of preferred brand of after-sales service more secure.


China solar cell industry and strive to overcome technical barriers

At present, China's solar industry had previously been dependent on exports,vaio vgn-s4xp Sony Battery  vaio pcg-z1rsp Sony Battery  but under the influence of the economic crisis, are turning to growing Chinese domestic market. As of January 2010, China has more than 10 large power stations start 1MW and above, in the future there will be more projects ready for implementation. The industry's attitude is "thin film solar cells on a positive challenge, and strive to overcome technical barriers." For enterprises with independent technology, the field has tremendous business opportunities.

Shanghai Jiaotong University on 2020 import volume of domestic solar power makes a bold prediction: "will be much higher than 20GW, also is expected to reach 200G ~ 500GW".
Beijing Kam Heng Wah Group on Certification Group to conduct the "Golden Sun Certification" trial. Group of Experts on the company's manufacturing, VGP-BPS3 quality and technology, procurement and supply, sales and other related departments were scrupulous in review, and I had witnessed the test product review. Audit team spoke highly of our strict quality management system and quality-oriented business philosophy, the assessment proceeded smoothly and was adopted.
This means that the battery energy storage Wah Group, UL certification based on the adoption of the international market, began to further develop the ability to open up the domestic PV market; "Golden Sun" certification of adoption, also means that our solar products have reached advanced level; marked Quam Group has won the National Development and Reform  pcga-bp71 Sony Battery  vgp-bps2 Sony Battery  Commission building photovoltaic project accreditation, won VGP-BPL2 the National Development and Reform Commission into Tibet "village power" pilot project household solar power system projects admission coupons.

It is reported that Beijing Jianheng Certification Center of the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee for approval, in solar photovoltaic products certified third party. In the National Development and Reform Commission, the World Bank, Global Environment Fund, China Renewable Energy Development Project (REDP) subproject "Establishment of solar PV Product Certification System" project with the support of the implementation of the Centre to establish China's solar photovoltaic products "Golden Sun" certification system, PCGA-BP71 certification of products by allowing paste the "Golden Sun" certification mark.

Laptop Battery certification:

In addition, the laptop battery behind the product label will have a number of safety certification, usually following several, as shown (Sony original laptop battery) below.

1, CCC certification: CCC certification which means "China Compulsory Certification",PCGA-BP4V Sony Battery pcga-bp2nx Sony Battery , the English name "China Compulsory Certification", abbreviated as CCC. CCC certification mark to "CCC", is the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee in accordance with "Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification" (Republic of China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Order No. 5) developed.
2, CE certification. "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and a passport to enter the European market. CE behalf of the European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Those who posted "CE" mark of the product can be sold in the EU member states, need not meet the requirements of each member in order to achieve the goods within the EU member states the freedom of circulation.

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